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Big Data: The Modern Battlefield

By Hank Salvacion, Analytics Group
Friday, February, 6 2015


If you're reading this, you're either a willing (or knowing) or unwilling (or unknowing) participant in the next business battlefield: data analytics and big data.

In its essence, big data is drawing conclusions about your future based on analytics on data from unrelated or casually related databases. It's a big thing whether you're marketing clothing to an individual or business intelligence to a multi-billion dollar company. Where you spend your money -- that's what's at stake.

Each time you swipe a financial card (credit, bank, debit, rewards, etc.), your personal information is plotted against the location, time, and circumstances of your purchase and coupled with raw data from your Facebook check-ins, Twitter feeds, or media outlets.

Companies are using that data to draw conclusions about you and what you do -- with increasing accuracy.

This has all been going on for some time, but now with the interlaced, information-sharing culture and proximity technology that exists, marketers can customize your experience and induce you to separate yourself from your hard-earned cash.

If you have more than one rewards card on your keychain, you're unwittingly a battlefield for marketing efforts. Personalized advertisements target you at opportune times and track your response with your purchasing patterns. "They" know what and when you buy based on your purchases and the time, day, place of shopping.

Personal electronics are the medium of this warzone. "They" know where you are, and based on that what you want and where you're going. So if they sculpt their offerings to your personal tastes, so much the better.

Is this a bad thing? Yet to be determined, but you're going to be ever more involved in this fight whether you like it or not, but at least you're getting a deal on strawberries out of season....