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We provide full-service solutions for all industries, with special expertise in the retail, apparel, and financial services sectors.

Business Intelligence

Technology should advance your whole business strategy, not just your IT department. Whether you have a dedicated business intelligence director, or are just starting to explore intelligence options, we can help.

We’re conversant in major commercial and proprietary ERPs, and how to maximize your business value through data-optimized pricing, marketing campaigns, merchandising, buying, and supply chain optimization.

Regulatory Compliance

Our specialty is regulatory compliance for large financial institutions. We offer support for reporting, modernizing data warehousing, data sourcing, and analysis for stress testing and other government requirements. Additionally, we offer anti-money laundering (AML) and fraud prevention consulting.

We also support regulatory compliance initiatives for non-financial institutions, such as risk assessment, information security, internal auditing, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), and more.

Data Management

The cost of data storage has plummeted, but most companies amass data without using it effectively. Then there’s the plethora of new technology on the market. Would a cloud-based solution be an expensive disaster or a useful innovation? How long is it feasible to keep your mainframe going?

Take advantage of the best technology for your business. We’ve helped clients to successfully transition away from old systems, update their reporting procedures, implement new ETL technology, modernize mainframe batch-processing, and unify data warehouses. We look at your strategy from a functional and technical perspective so that your end users get the best results from your data.

Network Analytics

Your data and internal communication are the lifeblood of your business. Cut down on inefficiency with network traffic analysis, and diagnosis of IT infrastructure issues. We also offer risk assessment, security products and architecture, server hardening, capacity planning, as well as support for implementation and operations of your technology. You can also take advantage of our cutting edge analytics solutions to predict outages before they impact your business.