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Thank You to IIBA-NYC

By Catherine McClelland
Thursday, March, 12 2015

A big thank-you to the NYC chapter of the IIBA for hosting us on March 10 at the Microsoft building in Times Square. We met some brilliant people, and gave a presentation on Big Data and how it relates to today's business analyst.

Presenting at the Microsoft Building 

The team

Some topics we covered:

  • - The “democratization” of data
  • - How the data flow fits into today’s analytical software
  • - Data analytics as a force multiplier
  • - How data warehouses work, and what to do with them
  • - Case studies of successful business intelligence strategies
  • - The technology: the origins of data analytics technology, where we are now, and what innovations we can expect from the future


You can download the full presentation from our LinkedIn company page here.